Open Referral links with Open Active

Hi all
Just wondering if anyone has implemented both Open Referral and Open Active standards? Any advice on how they differ/cross over?


Hi Annie,
You may find this comparison useful:
Comparing OpenActive & Open Referral · Enabling Social Prescribing

A more extensive document here from which that bit was referenced I believe: Por11010 - ODI Social Prescribing work - Technical Review - Google Docs

Can’t put more than 2 links on a post, so am dropping another useful link in a separate reply.

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Finally you may want to have a look at the 1st and 2nd comments about this in the Open Standards repository which hosts the consultation launched by the Data Standards Authority for endorsement of ORUK across government.

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I don’t know anyone who has implemented both. The references provided by Em should be useful. We have developed a transformation from an OpenActive API feed (provided as a commercial service by Imin) to the Open Referral UK format. I’d envisage someone using such a transformed feed along with other native Open Referral UK feeds in an aggregator that brings them together.

There’s work going on in the UK and the USA on aggregators but I can’t refer you to anything definitive yet. Sorry.

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